Hallows Hunt Hints 2021


I can’t claim prizes or points. What do I need?
The HUD provided at the hunt start is required to gain points for prizes.

HUD not working / points not showing up?
If you’re not on the event sim, it won’t work. Take it off, come to the Guild sim and put it back on.

How many skulls are there??
15 for 5 points, 16 for 10 points and 11 for 15 points. 400 points total! But there may be a way to get more…

How do I get more points?
The skulls reset every day! You can get 400 points from skulls every day and their locations don’t change.

What are the prizes?
They are here!


The first 15 are 5-pointers and are ALL located above the maze in the upper sales area to provide some easy things to find. All the rest of the skulls are down in the maze. No skulls will be hidden in designer stalls.


1Boxed up on a rooftop.
2I fell off the ladder into a prickly pear!
3This busted barrel is my home now.
4A nice place to sit after a long day at work with clay.
5Between Francis and Francis.
6Good music to my left, good food to my right.
7This isn’t how you cremate a skull…
8They REALLY love cactus in this house.
9This kid needs more toys than just dolls.
10Someone broke a pot and I was inside!
11Well, well, well.
12Pew pew pew!
13Sit a spell and people watch!
14It’s dreary here, but I’m snug as a bug in a pot.
15If I sit real still they’ll think I’m a jug.

The rest are 10 and 15 point skulls and they are all hidden in the maze


10 point skulls

16Hiding out of sight in the center of the maze.
17Having a staring contest with a cat.
18Aaaah! I’m not a yarn ball.
19Watching people take the leap.
20On the snoot of a hunt icon more ancient than me!
21These walls move so fast. Don’t get squished. Hehehe
22These spinning and swinging blades are all around.
23I was summoned by a cat!
24Sombrero party cat is my pal.
25Real toasty here.
26Sitting in a hall with a kindred skele, hearing the rocks roll by.
27Waiting for the chupacabra to come out of his hole in the wall.
28At the base of a very angular cat statue
29SO much sand. Don’t fall in!
30A save point and a skull? Sweet!
31I’m hiding behind an exit.

15 point skulls

32Looks like this guy was trying to find something with that map.
33I had to choose between monkies or cat, I chose cat.
34Out on a leaf.
35Are you quicker than the sand?
36I’ll show YOU the ropes.
37Rock and roll puns are so cliche’
38Ignore the blood and bones. Totally safe in here. Definitely no traps.
39Stabby stabby from below
40Impaled by a thorn. What a fate.
41Squished by the divine.
42Gotta climb to get to me!

Find Cthulhu for a riddle that awards 50 points for a correct answer each day! The riddle changes every 2 days.