The Hallows was our first event and has always been the biggest event of the year for us. We boast a new, sprawling build for each event that is immersive and fun to explore. Here are the worlds we’ve created over the years!

Hallows 2019

Our most terror-filled event to date! Themed around the popular survival horror game Silent Hill, this event was full of puzzles, jump scares and downright nightmare fuel to pay tribute to a truly amazing game series.

Map of Silent Hill. Above ground anyway…
Where it all began, and the only place that’s truly safe.
The streets are misty and… things… are lurking in your peripheral vision.
The first sigil was found here. You just had to find 3 more.
Just one place in this small, quiet town. Though horrors awaited inside.

More images of the build will be added at a later date!

Hallows 2018

SCP Lunar Base was our most complex build. It is a containment facility for anomalous supernatural phenomenon on the moon! But only two short weeks into the event, there was a containment breach…

The entry hangar. The very first thing you see when you arrive.
The moon surface and main gacha building sitting atop the SCP containment facility.
In the upper part of the facility things were calm and tidy, before things went wrong…
There was a containment breach in the lower floors. Had to go check it out.
The reactor was in working order… until people pressed some buttons. Many were vaporized.
Anything can happen with SCPs on the loose. Being sucked into alternate realities was funky.
But things got weird.
Really weird…
And terrifying.

Hallows 2017

This was our first event with an in-depth hunt. There were so many deaths. The rock jump alone gives people nightmares to this day. They can hear the stones crumble around them…

Welcome to the Underworld.
Gacha booths curled around the river Styx.
Every soul crying out to be saved, but they only get discarded gachas…
But then the maze opens, and the madness begins! Yes, we had a blood pool.
The obstacles were grim, but you’re doing it for the sweet, sweet crow trophy prizes.
You win the maze! You even triumphed over the dreaded rock jump!
And then there were those that weren’t so lucky or nimble…

Hallows 2016

The event that started it all! Everything was fresh and new. The community really came together to make this event extremely special and memorable. You all are our inspiration and motivation for every event that came after! <3

It was a very colorful start!
The dance floor~
Spoopy Cam captured some great moments!