Info & FAQ

Information and FAQ

At .The Guild., our main rule is to enjoy yourself!
Though to make sure everyone has the best time they can have, we have a few rules for conduct:

Refrain from excessive gesture or sound spam.

CHILD AVATARS are not allowed to avoid liability due to the Adult sim rating.

• Regardless of sim rating, we don’t allow EXPLICIT NUDITY.

BE RESPECTFUL to others on voice, in text on-sim, and in the .GG. group chat.

• Basically, just be nice!

Click here to go directly to complete venue rules.


How can I join The Guild as a blogger/creator?
Applications opening will be announced in the update group and will also be announced on the home page. Once open, check out the Contact Page for all your app needs!
I want to apply for TG but I'm unsure if I qualify. What kinds of content do you look for?
We are looking for talented creators with original content and vibrant style. We’re steering away from prefabricated mesh, and to that end it is no longer allowed (with one exception outlined in the Vendor Info).
What type of content is not allowed in TG?
Try and keep your content respectful and tasteful! The selling or sales of genitalia is strictly prohibited. Because of our Adult sim rating anything pertaining to under-aged characters and content made for such is not allowed. Lastly, but not leastly, anything that violates Second Life’s terms of service is obviously not allowed.


How do I become a sponsor in the event?
Sponsors are chosen specifically by the administration team from applicants that show interest in being a sponsor. Not all who apply will be chosen!
How do I become an affiliate in .The Guild.?
We will affiliate with groups, events and individuals that we think will be a good fit with us and have similar passions with .The Guild. If you’d like to be an affiliate, contact an admin.
How do I contribute to .The Guild.?
We accept donations when events are live, just look for the donation meters! These donations go towards sim upkeep, advertisement and funding the build for the next round. We’d also like to thank everyone who has donated so far! You help make .GG. possible!


Do you have rules for conduct while at .The Guild. Event venues?
Yes! Here’s the complete code of conduct:

1. No child avatars. NONE. Our sim is Adult rated and we do not allow child avatars of any kind, this includes cubs. You will be asked to change, or you will be sent home.

2. No over the top NSFW talk, especially on voice. Yes, we have an Adult rated sim, but that does not mean people want to hear about your exploits while shopping. Keep it classy.

3. If your avatar is so large that it obstructs whole vendor areas/hallways, please change.

4. No hate speech, including but not limited to racial, sexual, and religious.
(I’m sad there’s a need to put this here.)

5. No excessive and/or loud sound spam, meaning gestures, music, dancers, etc.

6. No exposed genitals. Please cover them or remove them. No, it doesn’t matter if the sim is rated Adult and changing the rating of a sim is not an option. A staggering amount of people don’t realize it’s a public event, not a brothel. 😐 (If you can’t tell, we’re all real tired of this one lol)

How do I join the .The Guild. update group?
Simply click here! Besides this site, this is the best way to keep up to date on what we’re up to.
Where is .The Guild. in-world and when is the next event?
.The Guild. is located on the Dew Drop sim and the next event dates will be posted on the website homepage as soon as they are set. Though reliably there will be a Spring event beginning March 1st and The Hallows, beginning Oct. 1st.
Why can't I teleport into the event right now?
The sim is likely full! You may need to wait until people have left before you are able to enter. The sim is closed to visitors in setup weeks before events begin as well.
I am lagging so hard and I can't see anything. What do I do?
There are many reasons your computer may lag in the event. The biggest reason is the amount of avatars in the region and their complexity, which will impact your performance negatively. To help with this, you can click “World” and click “Show Friends Only”.

To assist other people’s performance, make sure you are using an avatar with low complexity. If you are having other difficulties, you will need to change your viewer’s performance to the minimum standards listed at the event to properly enjoy the festivities.

OH NO! There's someone is griefing the sim! What do!?!
Please contact someone from the admin or moderation staff in the event that someone is griefing.
I can't get into the event because the sim is full. Why is the region so limited?
We limit the amount of people on the sim so we can lessen the lag overall and make for a better shopping experience for everyone. More people causes more lag!
The region is full! Can you do multiple regions to allow more people in?
Due to recent changes in our location, we no longer have a cam shopping sim. We won’t have another full region cam-sim, but may have a homestead in the future. For now, we appreciate your patience!
What can I do to help with lag and sim performance?
Some ways to lessen your strain on the sim would be to remove all worn items on your avatar, or to wear low complexity avatars with low script time. Detaching as many HUDs as possible is also helpful. If you choose to, the event will have a fullbody alpha available to render yourself invisible if detach all other items.


What is the theme this round?
The theme will be posted on the main page of this website when we’ve decided it’s a good time to announce it! Keep an eye out.
How does the hunt work?
When entering the sim you will be provided with information on the hunt, as well as a place to retrieve your HUD. Please follow the instructions provided with the HUD to enjoy your hunt.
How many prizes are there and where can I see them?
Hunt Prizes will be shown on the website hunt guide before the hunt begins.
What is a hunt icon?
It is the thing to find! In Spring, these items will give you points. In Fall during the Halloween events, they give you the prize directly. Examples of hunt icons over the years: A book for Silent Hill 2019 or a gear for Sailpunk 2021.
Spring Hunts: My point total is gone! Whyyy?
You are likely not at the event sim. The sim stores your point count in the experience and should pop back in if you re-equip the HUD at The Guild.
Spring Hunts: Does my point total reset or just the hunt icons?
Your point total does not reset! It stays and builds up over the duration of the hunt. The hunt icons reset every day to allow you to find them and get more points daily.
My HUD for the hunt isn't working! What do I do?
Make sure that you have accepted the experience for the region. If your totals are showing incorrectly, please re-equip the HUD. Do NOT reset the HUD scripts. If you have further issues, please contact administration.
I don't think I'm seeing things properly. What's gone wrong?
Please make sure that you are using the optimal settings and windlight that is specific to the event. Information regarding the optimal settings needed for your hunt experience will be provided on-sim.

I can't teleport or fly and that bums me out. Why won't you let me!?
Flying in the sim would ruin the hunt experience! We want everyone to have a similar experience of the event and flying would disrupt that. You may miss important details if you simply fly past them! We also consider teleporting to be cheating and we HIGHLY discourage it.


Are gachas being sold at .The Guild.?
Linden Labs banned the sale of items in gacha form on September 1st 2021, so .The Guild. is no longer .Gacha Guild. as we can no longer sell gachas.
Can I still trade old gachas in the event group?
Yes! Linden Labs said it was fine to resell already purchased gachas. If it was a gacha you bought at our events in the past, you are free to trade them in our group. Selling is still disallowed and should be done on the marketplace or elsewhere.
Where can I find old gachas I see in old events?
Look for the logo of the creator on the gacha key and locate the store it comes from in-world or contact the creator of the gacha you are looking for personally for info on its whereabouts.
Can I buy this prize directly from the creator who made this gacha?
That is not something we at .The Guild. can decide! You would need to contact the creator of that prize personally.


Is .The Guild. solely a furry event?
.The Guild. began rooted in the furry community and still has a very strong following from the fandom, but we welcome all creators, bloggers, and patrons from across the grid!
The builds for the .The Guild. events are lovely! Can I come by after the event is over to take photos?
The build is usually available for months after the event is over until it needs to be demolished to make way for the next event. You are very welcome to take photos, and feel free to share with us on the .The Guild. group on flickr. We’d love to see what you make!
I love some of the custom assets you have for the .The Guild. builds. Can I buy them?
You are welcome to contact the creators of the items if you would like to purchase the assets. We may work on a marketplace for these sorts of items in the future!