Seasonal Events

We’re not just a one trick Halloween pony! We do enjoy making events for other times of the year, most common are our lighter, brighter Springtime events.

Fantasy Isles 2019

So magical! Sprawling, verdant isles with gachas abound. There is certainly no shortage of beautiful vistas to behold, and other secret places to be whisked away to.

Nothing like showing up to an event under the shade of a giant gnarly tree.
The island cluster is inhabited by gachas and flying whales!
The lush scenery is to die for! (Wait, this isn’t Hallows…)
Halftime kicked off with a bang. Say hi to our NPC Kitter. She’ll tell you all you need to know!
The snails and glowy plants were hidden everywhere.
Even inside magical caves with hidden entrances!

Snowfest 2018

Our first Winter event ever! It was spur-of-the-moment, but was one of our most beautiful, scenic builds we’ve had.

A cozy pop-up event for the holidays!
We think Santa survived…
There were tons of gifts under the tree!
It was chilly outside hunting for snowmen…
But there were a few warm places to find!

Carnivale 2018

Everyone loves a good fair with fun rides, games to play, and marvels to see. This build was simple and small, but was a great spot for people to gather and share their gacha wins and style!

The big top before Halftime.
The whole shebang!
With the sideshow contained, sounds of the carousel and the smell of popcorn filled the air.
Finding those tickets all over for the Halftime event was a challenge!

Nuevo Sol 2017

In the middle of the jungle in the summer heat, a gacha ritual began in the ruins of an ancient civilization. The volcano gods brought forth many gachas in this summer fire celebration!

The Headhunt had everyone looking high and low for prizes!
The ruins in the day…
and the ruins at night.

Eros 2017

Love was in the air for Valentine’s Day! After our very first Halloween event, this event was in stark contrast. These lovey, dovey gachas put hearts in your eyes!

Only one image remains of this event, but we remember it fondly <3