Hallows Hunt Hints 2022


I can’t claim prizes or points. What do I need?
The HUD provided at the hunt start is required to gain points for prizes.

HUD not working / points not showing up?
If you’re not on the event sim, it won’t work. Take it off, come to The Guild sim and put it back on.

How many plants are there??
8 for 10 points, 8 for 15 points and 10 for 25 points. 450 points total! But there may be a way to get more…

How do I get more points?
The plants reset every day! You can get 450 points from the plants every day and their locations don’t change.

What are the prizes?
They are here!


1The prize is in your court.25
2Hiding from the Addams Family10
3Reduce, reuse, recycle15
4Resting on some roots on the outskirts of town.25
5Just trying to watch the game15
6This place doesn’t even have marshmallows to roast10
7Just stargazing in the trailer park25
8Hanging around by the pool15
9This is a super nice house. So comfy10
10Goat, gas and garage, oh my!25
11I hope they don’t smoke me15
12This yard is a plant’s dream.10
13I saw the whole summoning from here25
14The candy haul was great this year15
15This kid’s whispers are super creepy10
16I’m upside-down25
17Watching you all fall to your doom lol15
18Almost done with the move10
19I need a can opener10
20Am I somebody that you used to know?15
21These could make a lot of pies25
22Beep beep25
23Right off the gate25
24I wonder if this house is abandoned10
25Get wrecked15
26The blood nourishes me25