Hunt Hints 2020


To start the hunt, visit the Gacha venue and head toward the toothy clown door, which is now open! Before passing through, look to your left at the info board. Here you can read about save points, story bits and what the hunt icons look like. The flashing arrow points to your event HUD and the handy dandy flashlight to help you in your exploration, so grab those and off you go!

Need some help finding things? Here’s hints for each item in the hunt!

1Toasted1I’m gonna burn it!
2The Jackalope Ranch1A powerful stream!
3::Static::1Chop chop! Off with their heads!
4::Static::2Ride or die. Or ride and die. But you gotta live to see me.
5::Static::3I’m gonna take SUCH a nap in this king sized nest.
6[Cubic Cherry]1I’m just gonna ignore all the crazy stuff happening in this house.
7[ARTIFACT]1ARR, I watch’em go round and round.
8Pink Lemonade1There’s solitude in the swamp.
9Pink Lemonade2I see you seeing your future.
10Positive Wavelength1It’s dark and very scary here. Everything is dying.
11.Tardfish.1Don’t worry, I can drive this thing.
12Cerridwen´s Cauldron1Maybe if I answer the riddle, the slugs won’t eat me.
13HILTED1I spend the MAJORA-ty of my time in here.
14darkendStare1What fortune will you find when you spin?
15inZoxi1What a troll.
16.TeaBunny.1On a high perch in the forest.
17{ anxious angel }1I bet they got taken in the night.
18Okaie1They put me in jail. :c
19{GHOSTED}1What monster could be under here with me?
20BunnyPop1Had a ton of fun being put on a pedistal.
21Prismatic.1This wheel is busted.
22[Nekotron]1Buddy Cthulhu is here for you.
23Sugarcult1I like to watch the fairies play.
24Akuma Drops1I want to sneak a snack.
25narcotic slumber1A true tragedy. Watch your step!
26Afterparty1I am just over the moon.
27Caecilian1Gimme one of those apples.
28Caecilian2Haha stinky, I’m not scared.
29Birb1Branch EXTEND
30Yumera1I DO love to look at myself.
31CERBERUS1My big friend there is a hoot.
32CERBERUS2Fall down here and there’s no getting out.
33Faust-Infernium-Exports1Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
34Faust-Infernium-Exports2I’m glad I wasn’t sacrificed like the other birds.
35Skoll1I look at the runes and I’m so very puzzled.
36Acid Rayne Inc.1I’m totally stumped.
37Acid Rayne Inc.2Pop goes the weasel
38Boneworks1Bird blasting off again!
39.: Fujiwara’s World :.1I wanna drink the soup.
40Furry Fashion1I found a dead guy!
41Furry Fashion2Next to the big boi.
42. Hanzel .1I’m getting my ticket wet.
43Ryoku1Hanging out with some friends by a funny pond.
44SKS Designs1Keeping my captured bird bud company.
45SKS Designs2Rocks, rocks and more rocks.
46SHED_SKIN[Z]1The last slice is right!
47SHED_SKIN[Z]2Sweet sweet java.
48Caboodle1Peekin’ from the pumpkin.