SAILPUNK 2021 Halftime Hunt Hints

There’s 31 gears in all to find, and here’s hints for all of them! They can be found on the islands and inside the airship, but NOT in any of the designer stalls. Happy Hunting!

• 15 gears for 10 points
• 10 gears for 15 points
• 6 gears for 25 points
450 points can be earned each day!

Time to get served!
How this gear balances on a pipe I’ll never know.
You’ll have to get past HIM to grab the gear
On the tiniest island
Went to go be a booger, but found a friend.
Some say the eel controls the weather…
Stern, starboard!
Where that last one was, but way higher up.
Just the tip
Oh, the tortured souls.
I see my captain times three
Hidden among the histories
Who sticks a gear in a vent?
Stern, portside!
Wingin’ it
The best place for an open flame!
How do they cook all this food with a hot plate?
All hail the pirate king
Don’t string me along!
For the hoard!
Inside the ship and under the ship at the same time.
Big bada boom
Growing right out of the grass
These fireflies must be onto something…
Ready for the supply drop
This is for the birds
Go directly to jail
In the wreckage of the cockpit
Atop a cask on deck